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Jimmy Houston Legends Spinnerbait

The Jimmy Houston spinnerbait in the 1/2 or 3/8 oz. is a great fall choice. The fish are starting their winter feed, shad and bream are on the menu. The Jimmy Houston spinnerbait mimics both of these forage fish. Good patterns to start out with are fishing along creek channel banks that have outcroppings of rocks forming little points. Windblown points and backs of creeks are also good locations to find fish this time of year. Fishing blow downs wood cover and grass edges are always good locations to look for the start of a pattern. I usually fish the Jimmy Houston spinnerbait, so that I can visually see the bait. Burning the Jimmy Houston spinnerbait close to the surface works great in clear open water where a point dumps into a channel. Finding the shad or bream that the fish are feeding on is critical at this time and it will also determine the depth that you need to fish the Jimmy Houston spinnerbait. Slowing the Jimmy Houston spinnerbait down will gain more depth in the water column. Using the 1/2 oz. model will allow deeper water to be covered at a faster rate. I usually use the 3/8 oz. model in shallow conditions unless I want a larger blade profile. Using your wrist to impart a quick jerking motion will make the Jimmy Houston spinnerbait blades flutter on the retrieve changing the water movement of the spinnerbait invoking more strikes as well. I use the white Jimmy Houston spinnerbait when shad are the main forage and the chartreuse and white when bream are present or the water is off colored. I use a Rick Clunn trailer (CST) or a four inch ringworm (4RW) with a trailer hook attached most of the time I fish a spinnerbait. If you want to bulk up the Jimmy Houston spinnerbait for a larger profile add a Luck E Swim (CLES).