Red Ripper Spoon – 5/8 oz



Nemire is proud to introducing a whole new class of lure that features a spoonthat rattles—The Red Ripper Series. The patented metal sound chamber attached tothe spoon produces a sound that sh have not heard before. In fact, they react to it with r egularity and from amazingly long distances. The Red Ripper Spoon also offers adjustability.The patented skirt strap provides the ability to remove the existing skirt and exchange it with another skirt, a Nemire trailer, a plastic worm or any other type of trailer. The stainless steel ber weed guard can be bent up for shing heavy cover and can be pushed down for open water to increase your hook sets.The Red Ripper’s dual action is one of its unique features. The lure moves through the water turning left to right, imitating the exact motion of a sh. At the same time, it has a controlled wobble that rocks 180 degrees back and forth, accentuating the sound chamber even more.

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Weight .6 oz
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