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The LESTX Jerkbait designed by Champions are the hottest jerkbaits on the market. Whether you twitch it, jerk it, slam it, or skip it, the LESTX draws aggressive hits and is perfect for shallow flats. Suspending perfectly at rest like a real baitfish, the LESTX delivers erratic, darting action, and an advanced weight transfer for extended casting range. The LESTX dives 5-7 feet under the surface, and will dart or dive with a twitch of the rod. All LESTX baits feature etched scale and gill patterns, 3D eyes, and handpicked colors.

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The Luck-E-Strike STX “Stick” Jerk Bait was originally designed by one the greatest anglers fishing today. The size, action and weight had to be perfect and perform better than any other minnow bait on the market. The Luck-E-Strike engineers answered the challenge and pleased to offer this incredible jerk bait. After the first cast and two twitches of the rod tip you will see and feel the difference. The action, weight, diving depth and the way this lure swims is life-like. Pro anglers know the action bass react to and the Luck-E-Strike STX created it to perfection.

For best results, Seek out windy banks. A little or lot of surface chop will make it difficult for upward looking bass to distinguish the real thing. Make a good cast and cut it some slack line. Use the rod tip to twitch the lure a couple times. Pause, repeat, and feel the rhythm. You want to imitate a dying baitfish. The retrieving cadence is important and generally, the colder the water the longer the pause. Maybe pause 15 to 30 seconds between cadences. Experiment with different pauses lengths between twitches.

Tips for selecting lure colors. Most of the time personal confidence will select the color of the day. However, professional guides and anglers will select shad and natural colors in clear water. Bright greens and yellows for stained and muddy water conditions.

As with all Luck-E-Strike products, the LES STX Jerk Bait is a premium lure with an affordable price. Tie one on today

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Dimensions 6 × 1.8 × 1.6 in

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