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The Luck-E-Strike square bill was developed by a Bass-master Classic Champion. He designed the original Square Bill as a quite bait, relying on water displacement and vibration to attract strikes. While a square bill is the ultimate reaction bait, there are times when off-color water demands a rattle to make it easier for fish to locate and strike the lure. This created a new Square Bill rattle version that features the same at head and wide body that gave the original lure a wider wobble that’s alluring to fish. In addition, those same features get the lure through cover without hanging up.

Series 2 dives 2-4 feet

Series 3 dives 3-5 feet

Series 4 dives 4-7 feet


The Luck-E-Strike Square Bill is the ultimate reaction bait designed to be quiet with an aggressive side to side wobble. The unique “square bill” is designed to deflect off stumps and objects allowing the lure to swim through cover with minimal hang ups. The added rattle version features the same flat head and wide body action. It was designed when off-color water demands a rattle to make it easier for fish to locate and strike the lure. With your first cast you will feel the aggressive side to side wobble as this lure swims through the water. The Luck-E-Strike Square Bill is a proven tournament winning fishing lure available in four sizes.

For best results, cast close to the shady side of stumps, rocks and fallen trees. The most productive way to create a reaction strike is to retrieve the lure while allowing it to deflect off underwater cover. Rocky lake points are productive too. Start deep to shallow with a long cast into the wind and current. This approach allows you to utilize stealth and avoids spooking shallow bass. Larger bass are notorious for suspending off the steepest sides of points. Maintain contact with the bottom varying the speed of your retrieve and work both the sides of the point. Also, try casting along grass lines, bluff ledges, and shoreline spots with unusual cuts. Shorelines with pea gravel are productive small mouth bass areas because they feed on crawfish hiding in the rocks and gravel.

Tips for selecting lure colors. Most of the time personal confidence will select the color of the day. However, professional guides and anglers will select shad and natural colors in clear water. Bright greens and yellows for stained and muddy water conditions and crawfish patterns when fishing around rocks and pea gravel.

As with all Luck-E-Strike products, the Square Bill is a premium lure with an affordable price. Tie one on today.

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